September 21, 2012



In a poll carried out on September 17 in Vienna, Austria, Brazil overcame Kazakhstan for the right to host in 2016 the 24th edition of the World Mining Congress (WMC – The WCM is one of the most traditional and important international events of the mining sector and has been realized since 1958.
Brazil was voted by 16 delegates and Kazakhstan, by five. Delegates of 21 countries voted, were gathered at the 92nd meeting of the International Organizing Committee (IOC), responsible for WMC.
The Brazilian Mining Association – IBRAM ( was in charge of defending Brazil's candidacy after articulating with the Brazilian government, sectoral entities and mining companies. The Institute was represented by CEO José Fernando Coura and by the Director of Mineral Affairs, Marcelo Ribeiro Tunes.
The introduction of the Brazilian candidacy was conducted by Director Marcelo Tunes, who gave a brilliant speech to certify the qualities of IBRAM as well as of Rio de Janeiro (the planned host city). He also pointed out the power of the Brazilian mining industry and these aspects translated in decisive factors for the IOC members to select Brazil.
IBRAM will be responsible for organizing the Congress in Rio de Janeiro, in 2016. Click here  to see the video on the event.
The Brazilian victory, conducted by Fernando Coura, motivated Federal Deputies such as Bernardo Santana de Vasconcellos (PR-MG), Marcos Montes (PSD/MG), e Sílvio Costa (PTB/PE) to speak at the plenary.


Click here to read the three speeches.


Message from Vienna


On a message sent from Vienna, the IBRAM's CEO, José Fernando Coura, expressed his gratitude for those who supported IBRAM in such a new achievement for the national mining industry.

The CEO's message goes as follows:

"I thank the support of the Association's Board of Directors, as well as the Brazilian Government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Mines and Energy, and the Brazilian Ambassador in Vienna, Mr. Evandro Didonet and his staff, who joined IBRAM at the ceremony of presentation of the Brazilian candidacy at the IOC.


My sincere gratitude also goes to the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Mr. Eduardo Paes, and to the Presidents of the Brazilian Confederation of Industry, Robson Braga de Andrade and of Vale S.A., Murilo Ferreira, who promptly joined IBRAM's efforts to represent Brazil and to run for the right to organize the 24th WMC.


I am absolutely certain that IBRAM will organize one of the best editions of the WMC to date and that this important event will be a milestone in the development of the Brazilian mining industry".



IBRAM's CEO, José Fernando Coura, and the Director of Mineral Affairs, Marcelo Ribeiro Tunes, represented the association at the IOC.


Source: IBRAM – Profissionais do Texto

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