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In 2012, Brazil was granted the mission to promote the WMC during the 92th meeting of the International Organizing Committee (IOC), responsible for the event. The Brazilian Mining Association – IBRAM ( was in charge of defending Brazil's candidacy after articulating with the Brazilian government, sectoral entities and mining companies.
IBRAM will organize and promote the event, to be held in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The WCM, which has been carried out since 1958, is one of the most traditional and important international conferences of the mining sector.
Held every three years and headed by a Secretariat with organization status, associated with the UN and headquartered at the Central Mining Institute, Poland, the event aims to promote and support, both technically and scientifically, the cooperation for the national and international development of mineral areas and resources; implement a global information network concerning mineral science, technology, economy, occupational health and safety and environmental protection.
Contact with universities
Aiming to introduce the World Mining Congress, IBRAM visited the main federal universities in the country, as well as research centers that have stood out in the training of mining professionals.
The Director of Environmental Affairs for IBRAM, Rinaldo Mancin, was at the Department of Mining Engineering at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFGRS), in May. At the occasion, he was welcomed by Enrique Munaretti, PhD, the Department's director, and by the University's faculty. The series of visits also included: the Department of Mining and Oil Engineering of Escola Politécnica, at São Paulo University (USP), welcomed by its head, Prof. Luis Enrique Sánchez;
the Department of Mineralogy and Geology of the Center of Technology and Natural Resources, at University of Campina Grande (UFCG), in Paraíba (PB), where he was welcomed by the Academic Prefect, Eduardo Bonates, and by the Center's Professor and Director, Elbert Valdiviezo Viera;
the School of Mines at Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP); and the Gorceix Foundation. The Gorceix Foundation and the School of Mines' corporate alumni are also going to be partners in the promotion of WMC 2016 and to take active part in its planning. Finally, the Center of Mineral Technology (CTEM), linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology was also visited, when the IBRAM delegates were welcomed by its Director, Fernando Lins.
The Oil Lamp
Representing IBRAM's CEO, José Fernando Coura, Director Rinaldo Mancin received last year, from the hands of the President of the World Mining Congress 2013, Prof. Ferri Hassani, and the President of WMC, Prof. Jozef Dubinski, during the 23th WMC, in Canada, the symbolic oil lamp that officializes Brazil as the host nation for the next edition of the event.
The oil lamp symbolizes the granting of the right to organize the WCM to IBRAM. This action is similar to that carried out in the Olympic Games, when the host nation is confirmed. After the Brazilian edition, the next country to receive it will be Kazakhstan.
Source: IBRAM – Profissionais do Texto


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