September 19, 2012

Speech by Deputy Marcos Montes (PSD/MG) on the WMC


Delivered at 6:01 pm at the Plenary


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Mr. President (Deputy Valry Morais) – For a brief speech, I call on Deputy Marcos Montes, for one minute.
Mr. Marcos Montes (PSD-MG. On behalf. Not revised by the speaker.) – Thank you very much, Mr. President.
Ladies and Gentleman, Deputies of this House, I shall occupy this tribune very briefly to make a statement and an appraisal.
Brazil has just been granted, two days ago, in Vienna, Austria, the opportunity to host the World Mining Congress.
My dear friend, Deputy Mendes Thame, who gave me the honor to speak before Your Excellency, I take this microphone to congratulate IBRAM, in the person of its CEO, Minas Gerais' native Fernando Coura, and its Director, Marcelo Tunes, who have been and still are in Vienna, Austria, breaking this auspicious piece of news to Brazil.
After many, many years, Brazil is to host, dear President, the World Mining Congress.
The candidacy counted on the expressive collaboration of the National Confederation of Industry, Mr. Robson Andrade, a great Minas Gerais' native, and of the great Brazilian company Vale do Rio Doce, in the person of its CEO, who is also from Minas Gerais and proud to have Uberaba as his home town, Mr. Murilo Ferreira.
This is a means of recognition to such association: IBRAM, which has done so much for this country and for the mining sector, which have created wealth in this country, through events like this, and which is to be shown to the whole nation.
Congratulations, IBRAM. I extend my congratulations to Fernando Coura; to Marcelo Tunes; to the CNI, for its participation; and, especially, to the Vale's CEO, Murilo Ferreira, who has shown us how to head a company, especially through the hard times this country has been going. Murilo Ferreira has been an example as Vale's CEO.
Thank you very much.


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