September 18, 2012


Speech by Deputy Sílvio Costa (PTB/PE) on the WMC


Delivered at 4h02 pm


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Mr. President (Inocêncio Oliveira) – For a brief intervention, I call upon to speak the honorable Deputy Sílvio Costa of PTB, Pernambuco.
Mr. SILVIO COSTA (PTB-PE. Not revised by the speaker.) – Mr. President, I now take advantage of the opportunity to congratulate the Brazilian Mining Association – IBRAM, through its President, Dr. José Fernando Coura, for the important achievement accomplished in Austria, on September 17th, when Brazil was granted the privilege to host, in 2016, the World Mining Congress, which is very important for our nation and for the whole national productive sector — Brazil was voted by 16 of the 21 delegates.
Therefore, I compliment the IBRAM CEO and all other representatives of the national productive sector.
Congratulations, Dr. José Fernando Coura!
Mr. President, I beg Your Excellency to disclose my words on the means of communication of this House and on the radio show "The Voice of Brazil".
Thank you very much.
Source: IBRAM - Profissionais do Texto


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