September 19, 2012

Speech by Federal Deputy Bernardo Santana de Vasconcellos (PR/MG) on the WMC


Delivered at 12:47 pm at the Plenary



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Mr. Bernardo Santana de Vasconcellos - Sra. President, I ask for permission to speak.
Mrs. President (Deputy Rose de Freitas) – Your Excellency
Mr. Bernardo Santana de Vasconcellos (Bloco/PR-MG. On behalf. Not revised by the speaker.) – Mrs. President, I just wish to inform, taking advantage of the occasion before the end, and compliment the decision reached recently at the 23rd World Mining Congress, which was held in Vienna, Austria, on September 17. At that meeting, which was the 92nd, organized by the IOC committee, in charge of such event, Brazil disputed the right to host the 24th World Mining Congress and was voted by 16 delegates, compared to five for the second best ranked.
IBRAM — Brazilian Mining Association will be in charge or organizing the event.

Therefore, I would like to congratulate Fernando Coura, IBRAM's CEO, and all the Brazilian Mining Sector, which will be hosting again this important conference, Mr. Marcelo Ribeiro Tunes, who was responsible for presenting our candidacy, when the power of the Brazilian mining industry became evident. These were paramount factors for the decision of choosing Brazil as the host nation.

To finish off, I would like to thank the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro who traveled along and was also very important, the President of CNI, who also joined them, and Murilo Ferreira, Vale's CEO, who carried out the efforts with IBRAM to represent Brazil and run for, win, and consequently be granted the right to organize the 24th WMC.

This is what I had to communicate. I therefore congratulate all those people.

Mrs. President, I thank you for the opportunity.


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