October 18, 2016




The panel will include Paul N. Worsey, the presenter of the Discovery Channel series “The Detonators.”


One of the highlights of the 2016 WMC will be the panel concerning the use of mining explosives. The event schedule includes different lectures throughout the morning of October 21st in which participants will be able to discuss news, trends and interests related to the subject in sessions with Paul N. Worsey, the presenter of the Discovery Channel series “The Detonators,” representatives of the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) and Robert McClure, president of McClure Inc.

Many renowned Brazilian and international speakers will attend the event, which is promoted by IBRAM, and will take place between the 18th and 21st of October in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).


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The event will begin with the subject “Innovation in the Use of Explosives” in a panel moderated by Professor Enrique Munaretti of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and member of the Scientific Committee of the 2016 WMC. Subjects related to products, energy, costs and ANFO will be discussed (explosive produced by a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons and ammonium nitrate). John William Eloranta and Alistair C. Torrance, both from the ISEE, will present and discuss the integration of methods used for data collection and traditional tools for explosion.


“One of the largest challenges in the area of explosives is the lack of knowledge in our society. Our area, beyond being extremely safe, basically involves an engineering tool to fragment rocks which has been used globally for over 400 years,” Enrique Munaretti pointed out. “Society often relates the use of explosives to criminal explosions of ATMs, but the truth is far different. That is a problem of public safety.”


Paul Worsey, who is also a professor of mining engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, will present main solutions to increase the effectiveness of detonations according to the types of explosives used.


“Showing society the importance of the use of explosives is fundamental. We now have access to raw materials that would be extremely expensive or even impossible to produce thanks to the use of these materials. Practically all raw material used by society comes from mining and the use of explosives is fundamental for rock extraction,” Munaretti affirmed.


“WMC participants will be able to debate with the best international technicians in the sector and discuss innovation in the use of explosives and main global trends, like the use of new technology (like drones) and safe investments in the sector,” the professor stated. “Discussing this subject at the WMC is an excellent way of internationalizing the Brazilian explosives sector, training our technicians, and mainly, showing the world our potential,” he concluded.


Source: IBRAM - Profissionais do Texto


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